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Project Horus, by Wojtek Fus.


Lightsaber  battles  throughout  the Star  Wars Saga

Did Gavin finally break his 360?


Destiny: Class Selection Screen

Italy + Water  x


Round 1 »  Four Colors (#849f2c #b25e04 #5b8d7b #960253)

     Video Game Graphic Battle vs. Theirins


Me about 80% of the time.

Thank you, Commander.

I was travelling to Riverwood when I saw and attacked a Thalmor patrol on the road between Whiterun and Riverwood, and freed their Stormcloak prisoner. When I made it to Riverwood the entire village attacked me and I had to kill them all. Even people like Gerdur, who supports the Stormcloaks, who has a fucking brother in the Stormcloaks, like, what the hell? Anyway, now I have a huge bounty.